STOP "I know, right!?"

STOP I Know Right?!

Mission: To educate people about the dangers of decaying verbal communication and human interaction.

Brief: With Internet shorthand and popular culture trends profusely bleeding into the English language, we see the quality and integrity of human interaction and communications spoiling at an extremely concerning pace.

There are many ways to start raising awareness, but we have singled out one deplorable colloquialism, "I know, right?", to hopefully ascertain progress.

You've heard it, probably too many times, and its proliferation has now plagued radio and television. You find yourself in what seems to be a refreshingly enlightening conversation, and then, after making a statement or point, you are confronted with possibly the worst form of an agreeable response... "I KNOW, RIGHT!?!?!"

You feel as if your soul is being ripped out and used as defecation receptacle. You try to maintain composure, but you are severely confused as to how to respond to such a "question". The terror is indescribable.

What does it even mean? Trying to understand it in whatever context it may be present isn't even worth it. And, don't even waste your time pondering the fraudulent enthusiasm disguised as a profound upward inflection.

You ask yourself, "So, they know, but then they are asking me again for a confirmation... but I made the point initially, so isn't this effort redundant?"

What you need to understand, when confronted with this dreadful response, is that the person you are talking to you hates you, and hates themselves. They have no interest in your input and consider it below them, as they are the self-proclaimed experts on everything. You should avoid these people at all costs and sternly warn them of why you are abandoning the conversation.

Do not let people respond to you this way! It is lazy, dishonest, appalling, and shows they do not care to have a connected conversation with intent.

Here are a few responses to "I know, right?" that you can use:

I Know, Right?! and You:

Should you find you have been brainwashed and making a mockery of yourself, we encourage you to try any one of these other, infinitely more acceptable responses.

In all likelihood, you picked up "ik,r?!?" seemingly overnight, so by continuing to turn to this abortion of a phrase, you are not only blatantly advertising your severe insecurity, but your weak willed nature as well.

It's been said, "You must be the change you want to see in the world." (Mahatma Gandhi), but specifically, please take it upon your contemptible self to be the change everyone else wants to see in the world.

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