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About YourDomainValue.com

YourDomainValue.com was established several years ago with the intention of making a difference in the domain appraisal market.  We developed a human appraisal process for under $10!  Our domain name appraisal process is one with a multitude of steps and factors, all managed by real industry professionals that understand the current domain name markets.

We strive to help our customers obtain relevant information about how much their domain name could be worth.  Working with each appraisal on an individual basis allows us to focus on details and current market trends that could effect the value of the domain name.  We are confident that our domain name appraisal process and customer service are unmatched in the industry. 

Let us help you learn more about your domain name!

YourDomainValue is a leader in domain name valuation appraisals and niche domain sales.